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Top Five of Worst Koontz Works

What the Night Knows - Dean Koontz

I was going to just say this is terrible and stay away, but didn't want to be lazy.


Honestly this book was a waste of time. At around the 50 percent mark I started to skim in self defense. At the 75 percent mark I was actively hoping the family in this book would die since that at least would rise to interesting. At the 100 percent mark I loathed everything and that included Legos (do not ask, I beg of you) and golden retrievers. 


I refuse to go back and look up people's names so just know the main guy we care about is scared something dreadful is about to befall his family due to the similarity of a murder that occurs that leaves one boy alive with his whole family dead. Twist is the boy did it.


Guy #1 is an orphan after a serial killer murdered his whole family and to make things worse, raped his two sisters before killing them. He survived due to shooting serial killer. By the way you don't get any of that information til almost I think at the 20 percent mark. Once again I refuse to look back, so don't ask. Guy #1 is a LAPD detective (most of Koontz's characters are) and somehow has managed to marry a millionaire artist or some such. I don't know. So Guy #1 and Wife have three kids (son, daughter #1, and daughter #2). While Guy #1 goes around having feelings and dread he doesn't tell his family a thing and goes along while increasingly horrible things happen.


There are so many characters in this book I can't keep them straight. There is the evil bad guy and for some odd reason Koontz adds his POV via journal entries and man has evil never been so boring. Also, this whole dude's persona is freaking similar to the big bad in "Hideaway" so I yawned through his mess. Also I would argue he takes some cues from Fallen (Denzel Washington movie) so once again this book kept reading like something I had read and seen before. 


Guy #1 starts tracking down other families that he thinks that Big Bad could be aiming for, but once again waits until a ridiculously long time to clue his wife or anyone else in. At one point a poor girl he just talks to is killed and dude drives away and doesn't say a word about it to his wife! I just couldn't with the idiocy of all the people in this book. You want another example? A woman who knows her brother molested her sister (who committed suicide over it) allows the brother to keep coming by to see her family cause she's worried she will make things worse by not allowing him over.


Are. You. Serious?! 


Let's not even go into how Daughter #1 is the stupidest child in literary form I can think of at this point in my life. She's 11 and apparently has no sense about stranger danger. A mirror she can reach through which also has a voice in high threatens her she still wants to explore cause Narnia. Yes, I am serious. Guess what, if I can reach through a damn mirror amd a voice threatens me, I would be throwing it out of my house. 


Bah. I am done.


The writing was terrible throughout. I will say that the initial part of the book (first 5 percent) held promise, but Koontz over writes this book to death. A key point is made about these murders occurring every 33 days, and we literally have Guy #1 just spinning his wheels.


And due to Koontz shifting POVs to each of his family members as well as potential victims of the Big Bad and others this book dragged for hours. 


The ending was ludicrous and that's all in going to say.


The book gives an excerpt into a short story about the Big Bad that was just as terrible as the novel so there's that. 


Great Follow up to Wait for the Rain

Bridges: A Daphne White Novel - Maria Murnane

Please note that I received this book from the author via NetGalley in return for a honest review. 


I previously read the first book in this series, Wait for the Rain, and really enjoyed it, you can see my review here: Wait for the Rain review at Goodreads. So I was happy to see that Maria Murnane had a follow up with Daphne, Skylar, and KC. The only reason why I gave this four stars and not five was that I wish that Murnane had explored going with another POV with this one like Skylar. I would have really enjoyed that. And I thought the ending with things working out for Daphne would have been better if Murnane had actually kept up with the theme of how hard it is to break into being a published writer. 


In "Bridges" it's been about a year since our 3 Musketeers got together and had a vacation in the Caribbean. After the three women have a video conference call and Skylar lets them know that she is engaged and she wants to fly them to NYC in order to celebrate with her. Daphne is happy to celebrate Skylar's good news, but hoped that she would have good news of her own to share. She took a year and started to write her own novel, based on her adventures with her friends in the Caribbean as well as the relationship she found after her divorce. Unfortunately, Daphne is getting a lot of rejection letters and is worried that maybe her dream of being a published author will never be realized. And she doesn't know if she is going to be able to fake being happy surrounded by her two friends who are the moon about different things in their lives at this point.


I have to say that once again Maria Murnane nails female friendships. I really enjoyed how she showcased them in this book and her Waverly Bryson series. A lot of the conversations and ability to read your friend when something is off reminds me of my togethers with my two best friends. I also felt for Daphne while reading this book. Feeling stuck after a divorce, and in a so-so relationship with a guy with her daughter about to go to college leaves Daphne at a crossroads. With  her best friend seeming to hit pay dirt and finding the one and living the high life in New York would be a lot to take in and be happy for at the same time. What I liked most about Daphne in this one, is that she comes to a couple of different realizations about herself and also about letting go of things with regards to her daughter.


I have to say that I love Skylar the most in this group. Maybe because I am dancing towards 40 and at this point I have not met one guy who has made me even think about forever. I loved that hard nosed Skylar who had a dating rotation fell hard and fast for what appears to be a really great guy. And I got serious house envy reading about how her home was set-up. I can get why Daphne was jealous. 


KC is still the uber cheerleader who loses her shine a bit in this one. No spoilers, but there's a reason.


We also get introduced to a best friend (in NYC) of Skylar's that I would love to read more about. Her dating adventures had me laughing out loud. Maybe because I have a few stories as well and I think that this fictional character has gone out with real life guys i have went out with too.


We also get some reappearances of secondary characters in this one that Daphne knows. Once again no spoilers. I will say that I was happy with how things resolved though.


The writing was really good. I have to say that it was just nice to read about a group of women being themselves with each other. You can see why these three women have been friends since college. And I am very excited to see if there will be another story starring them in the near future.


The flow was really good. This was a pretty short book for me, so I was able to finish it in under about 3 hours all together. 

The setting of New York really comes alive. We have Hamilton references, discussion of the High Line in New York (it's really fun to do if you have a chance) Shake Shack which had me hungry, and just a dozen or so more references that shows that the author has been in the city and has explored these places. It really makes the book come alive. Due to this, i emailed one of my friends and now we are trying to set up a trip sometime this year to go to NYC and catch a show. Not Hamilton, I do not have Hamilton money, unlike Skylar.


The ending was great, though as I said above, I think it would have been better without the neatly wrapped ending. Not every book has to be wrapped up in a bow at the end. Or at least I prefer it when they are not. 

Reading progress update: I've read 100%.

What the Night Knows - Dean Koontz

This book made me angry with how terrible it was. The beginning was interesting and then it just went down the toilet. 

Reading progress update: I've read 100%.

Bridges: A Daphne White Novel - Maria Murnane

Really enjoyed this follow up. I know it's weird, but it's nice to just read a book about women discussing everything under the sun without some ridiculous plot thrown in. Having Daphne, Skylar, and KC get together for a surprise event I never thought would happen was fun. And I felt for Daphne, I have been in her position as well when your friends are doing a great. This also had me longing for New York.

Reading progress update: I've read 45%.

Bridges: A Daphne White Novel - Maria Murnane

Really enjoying this book and hate to set it aside, but have an appointment.

Reading progress update: I've read 9%.

Bridges: A Daphne White Novel - Maria Murnane

Feeling bad for Daphne due to her being turned down by some literary agents. I enjoyed book #1 so am interested in seeing how this sequel goes.


The author sent a request for me to review so I accepted though in usually leery about things like that. I got this via Netgalley 

Conversations We All Have Had With Each Other

Conversations With the Fat Girl - Liza Palmer

I've been re-reading this book for years. It has become a comfort read, and mainly that's because I saw parts of me in Maggie from beginning to end. Who hasn't been unhappy with their appearance or their current place in life? And who hadn't had someone who was once a best friend that you can feel yourself growing away from to the point you wonder why in the world are you friends. 


"Conversations With the Fat Girl" showcases Maggie who's in her late twenties and who feels adrift from where she currently is in this time of her life. Maggie who has a master's degree and who at one time had hopes of restoring art feels as if everybody in her family has gone on to a different life and when her best friend Olivia becomes engaged she feels even more lost. But besides that Maggie, is nursing a crush on her co-worker Dominic wondering if he is who she needs.


Things I loved about Maggie is that she has a good heart, she's loyal, and that she loves her family​. I thought it was pretty cool to have a heroine who is actually trained in something like art restoration since I can't recall that as an occupation I have read before.


But what I thought was great about Maggie is that she knows that her friendship with Olivia is broken and that she still harbors hope that it can be fixed until the realization that it's not going to be fixed hits her. 


I don't want to reveal too much because that would end up spoiling the book for others but there's a reason why Maggie and Olivia became friends when they were younger and now there's a reason that they have grown apart. Due to the book being told in the first-person we get a lot of information about Maggie and her family and you're definitely in her head the whole time. Sometimes it might feel like it's a bit too much but I actually thought it worked for the story though I do say that there was a little bit of flow problems in the middle part but not enough for me to ding it. I can't wait to read the sequel to this book to find out what happened to Maggie and actually we're Olivia is now in her life.


Things that are frustrating about Maggie is you get to see before she sees that her weight really doesn't define her and she's been using it kind of as a crutch in order to not hope for what things that she should. She like everybody else in this world wants to be with somebody that loves her.


There's other characters in this book that I thought were really well done we have Maggie's friend at the coffee shop Peregrine, her sister, her mother, Dominic, and of course Olivia.  


The book takes place on California with other locations brought up. I will say that Vegas was described better in my eyes than DC was. 


The ending left things up in the air. You don't know what happens next, and I have been imagining scenarios for years. I am happy I am finally going to get to see what happened to everyone (fingers crossed). 

Excellent Study in the Little Gray Cells

Death in the Clouds - Agatha Christie

Not too much to say about this one besides the fact I really enjoyed it.



On a flight we have Poirot on the scene when a woman is found dead before the end of the flight. At first it appears that a wasp has stung her, but looking closer it appears someone has killed her with a dart. With a plane of suspects it takes all of Poirot's little gray cells to figure out how do the killer do this and why. 


I always enjoy it when Christie's books have diagrams in them. This one does and spells out where each character is sitting. I honestly didn't try to guess who did it and just enjoyed the ride that Christie takes us on. We get to follow a couple of different characters POV in this one and so at first glance you wonder if you are being fed a bill of goods by someone. It's honestly not til the end until everything neatly ties together. 


We even have Poirot going back and forth from England to Paris in this one which was a lot of fun. No Hastings on the scene, but we do have Inspector Japp. There's also a reference to a man that Poirot one upped from Murder on the Links which made me crack up.


I thought all the characters were very done, though I always laugh when Poirot gathers everyone together and reveals all. If you're a murderer why even attend?


This case was great to me since we get to follow each line of inquiry that Poirot has and we in a way get to see how his brain works. I can't recall another Poirot book that got this in depth with questions, answers, descriptions of people's luggage, etc. It felt like a lot of info being thrown at you, but once the killer is revealed you get why Poirot did the things he did. 

Reading progress update: I've read 72%.

What the Night Knows - Dean Koontz

This book is terrible. I should have hit it with a DNF when the ghost dog showed up.

Reading progress update: I've read 40%.

What the Night Knows - Dean Koontz

This book is all over the place and I don't get why John hasn't told his wife about what's worrying him. Most of this could be cleared up if the family talked to each other. 

Reading progress update: I've read 4%.

What the Night Knows - Dean Koontz

Unsettling so far.

Reading progress update: I've read 100%.

Conversations With the Fat Girl - Liza Palmer

Really enjoyed this reread. I am excited to read the next book to find out what happened next.

Reading progress update: I've read 40%.

Conversations With the Fat Girl - Liza Palmer

Maggie is going through some changes. She's gotten unfortunately drunk at a friend's party and kind of spilled about her crush to her crush (Dominic). I think that the book does a good job of shifting with little flashbacks to Maggie while showing how she got stuck working at a coffee shop. Her relationship with Olivia seems one sided and makes me sad. I had a friend just like this and grew apart from her as well.

Reading progress update: I've read 2%.

Conversations With the Fat Girl - Liza Palmer

I have reread this book every year since I bought it years ago. It's really good and hits so many things. I just found out I won the giveaway at Goodreads for the sequel, so thought it be a good time to re-read this now.


Maggie is a heroine you can root for. The book starts with her getting a two day eviction notice. Stressed with trying to find a new apartment, and worrying about her best friend Olivia's wedding.

Reading progress update: I've read 253 out of 253 pages.

Death in the Clouds - Agatha Christie

Done. What an awesome conclusion!

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