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Jessica Jones (2016-) #4

Jessica Jones (2016-) #4 - Brian Michael Bendis, Michael Gaydos, David W. Mack Finally! We finally find out what the heck is going on. What caused the rift between Jessica. Why did she go to jail? Why is Misty acting like a stalking fool and talking crap about Jessica? Okay that last one we don't get an answer to, but I was so over Misty that I am hoping Iron Fist shows up and is all so baby, are we not a thing anymore? I have no idea what she is doing besides acting like Jessica cannot and will not beat her butt for trying to steal her husband. Okay where was I?

Please do not continue reading if you have not read the first three issues.

We readers finally find out that Carol Danvers and Jessica Jones are working together to find out who is behind a plot to take out the world's superheroes. Jessica really has not turned her back on her friends (like she ever would) and instead went to jail and pretended to have a break with her old life. I have no idea why Carol picked Jessica for this. And why Luke wasn't told. I feel like we are dancing towards some soap opera levels of stupidity with some of this, but we at least know that Jessica is still a good guy. So yeah to that. But, we do realize that Carol realizes who the woman is behind this. And she doesn't exactly deny working her over. So what the heck Avengers? Is Carol going rogue? Or was this okayed by someone? Also though, I have to wonder why they are so worked up about this woman. She has a henchman and all. But I am not seeing an elite amount of villains running around that should have the Avengers worried.

Carol goes on about them having to protect the younger kids like Kamala (yeah! Ms. Marvel shoutout) from this evil organization. And color me stupid, but I don't think Hyda is involved.

We do have Luke having a run-in with a police detective who seems to think that Luke is up to no good. Weirdly he is protective of Jessica against Luke and Luke maybe finally realizes that someone is out to hurt his wife and is going to do what he can to find her and keep her safe. Aww Luke.

Though the whole thing with the detective thinking that Luke could hurt Jessica was not a good sub-plot. I hope that doesn't pop up again. The optics of a strong black man hitting a strong white woman.....no. Let's hope Bendis doesn't have an issue with Luke being mistakenly arrested for domestic violence or anything.

So yeah to reveal finally being revealed. But boo to the reasons behind it. I just thought it strained all credibility. And, Jessica being so hell-bent on talking to her client's husband and investigating cases to feel normal just needs to stop. I want to get back to who is behind this organization and what their plans are exactly. I want Jessica reunited with Luke. These issues are so small I may want to the volume releases in the future.