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Jessica Jones (2016-) #3

Jessica Jones (2016-) #3 - Brian Michael Bendis, Michael Gaydos, David W. Mack Well at least we finally get to see who has captured Jessica and what they are up to. We still don't know about the great rift that no one is giving any details about. But I still had issues with thinking that somehow Jessica has hit up the dark side or whatever was going on through issues #1 through now.


We see that someone is out to get the Avengers and actually any superhero out there. A woman reveals to Jessica that she plans on using Jessica to find out the secrets of all of her friends and use that to take them out one at a time. We also see a hint that this character is holding a big old grudge towards Carol Danvers (Captain Marvel) who she blames for taking her away and torturing her because Carol thought she was working for Hydra.

I did have to do a bit of a head shake at this moment. Cause I can't see any of the Avengers being down for a thing like that. Or at least I can't see Captain America being okay with anyone doing anything like that. I haven't been following the new comics much besides Ms. Marvel, so I have no idea who is a good guy or bad guy at his point in this universe.

Once again the colors are so freaking muted at times I could barely see anything it felt like. I am glad though that the zoom and pinch was working on this via my Kindle Fire so I could at least enlarge the text and study the scenes a bit better.

We have Jessica eventually being released with this mysterious woman thinking she can eventually turn Jessica since all of her friends and her husband have turned on her. And she even shows Jessica a photo of Luke looking way too cozy with Misty Knight. Also can I say, I don't care for comic book Misty at all. She is a bit too pressed about Luke. Girl, he is married with a kid, keep it moving.

I read issue #4 directly after this though, so can I say that finally secrets are revealed. Too long enough. I think that Bendis could have combined issues #1-3 honestly into one issue. The drag to find out what happened and why Jessica went to jail is the first mystery I wanted to figure out. And everyone talking circles around it was not very realistic.