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Daring to Dream (Dream trilogy #1)

Daring to Dream (Dream trilogy #1) - Nora Roberts I loved this series and honestly point to this towards those who love Roberts who want to know where she gets up her male and female avatars in her later works. Also most of her plots in her later trilogies are based on similar set-ups with the males and females too. That said, I always get a kick out of the Dream trilogy.

I only re-read this first book because I honestly was so busy with a huge amount of other books that I just didn’t have the time to break away and get embroiled in this world again. For those who are looking for a really good contemporary romance where the male and female main characters are hot together, you cannot ask for much more. That said, I didn’t really care for the male and female hero/heroine in this one (Margo Sullivan and Josh Templeton).

Margo acts like a jerk for a good majority of this book and so does Josh. I liked both of them much better in the latter books where they grew up and didn’t make you want to hog tie them both to get them to shut up. I think at one point I may have wished that Margo would lose her looks since that seems to be all she has going for her (seriously though her looks are commented on a lot).

I am stretching my brain a bit to recall if Roberts had another book such as this (main character friends with filthy rich people as a child and grows up lusting after the older brother) and I feel like maybe there are other books out there, I just can’t recall.

The writing is typical Nora Roberts which can be a comfort if you are in the mood for it. I think what throws me a lot in these books are sometimes conversations or wording will make me recall one of the later In Death books and I feel all confused. I think that is my one big problem with Roberts nowadays, none of the later books feel fresh, and when you go back and re-read the older ones you feel like you’ve read that story a dozen times or more.

The setting of the great Templeton house was interesting, I felt like the Templetons were modeled off of the Hilton family in a way. I am always laughing though at stories modeled on a family with a huge amount of money and they are hotel magnets.

The flow was off with this one though. I think it’s because it jumped locations way too much. And also most of the book was Margo and Josh being terrible or aggravating to the other one and you just get over that whole thing after about 10 minutes of reading it.

Roberts also does a great job of laying the groundwork for other characters in the next two books. I also like how Roberts in her later two books does a great job of calling back moments that we read and giving you another perspective. Though Daring to Dream is the first in the trilogy, I have to say that my favorite out of the three books is the next book in the series, Holding the Dream.