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Nadia Knows Best

Nadia Knows Best - Jill Mansell This book was all over the place. There is cheating, bigamy, sudden deaths, pregnancy, insta-love sort of, male models, art, fathers, daughters, sort of daughters. The whole thing made my head spin. I maybe needed a flow chart by the end of this book to figure out how the hell everyone knew each other since the book was not that clear on those points which was a bit frustrating.

To keep this short and sweet, the only people I could stand in this book was Nadia, her half sister and Nadia’s father James and his love interest Annie. I pretty much loathed or felt meh about everyone else in this book.

There was way too much going on, but the central premise is that Nadia deals with being dumped by her childhood friend and now boyfriend Laurie. Because somehow Laurie lucks into being a male model and then an actor and things are too hard for him since he can’t see Nadia anymore. I would have kicked the crap out of the guy, but that’s just me. Nadia has a meet cute with a guy named Jay after meeting him when she is stranded. I also felt towards Jay cause his whole lying to Nadia thing about being gay so she share a bed/room with him was gross.

When Nadia runs into Jay months later, she ends up working for him as a landscaper and she starts to find herself interested in him again. Too bad he’s acting like a jerk for no reason. And then when she thinks maybe her and Jay can work out, Laurie reappears wanting Nadia. I really wanted Laurie boiled in oil because we get a subplot with him that shows what kind of guy he is, but there’s no freaking follow up and I thought maybe I hallucinated the whole thing until I saw other reviewers lamenting that dropped plot-line too.

The POVs shift around in this one to Nadia, Nadia’s sister Claire, Nadia’s grandmother, her half sister whose name I am totally forgetting, her dad James and also her dad’s love interest Annie. I think there was even a plot line involving another girl but I don’t want to spoil that for potential readers. There were way too many cooks in the kitchen and nothing really works. I maybe wished a lot of people to die a slow boring death in this one. Maybe. I was shocked how unlikable everyone was throughout this book.

The ending was a bit meh for me. I guess people are happy? I don’t know. I just thought a lot of things were dropped and truly outrageous/terrible characters never get their comeuppance which ticks me off.