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Devoted in Death

Devoted in Death - J.D. Robb It's been a year since I have picked up an In Death book so I was interested in where the characters have gone. This felt like slipping on a pair of comfortable shoes. Everything was pretty much the same except for the criminals. The description of what this futuristic Romeo and Juliet (or Bonnie and Clyde) get up to is not for the faint of heart though. Towards the end I was skimming anytime the book jumped back to Ella-loo and her boyfriend Darryl.

After finding a man who was reported missing, it's pretty obvious that all signs point to murder. But after seeing a tattoo with initials and a heart around it, Dallas suspects something even uglier than murder.

The book introduces a new character who comes along and brings his own insight into other murders that can maybe be linked back to Ella-loo and Darryl.

We have a DeWinter interaction (I am really tired of Eve not liking her for no reason) and we have DeWinter, Morris, and Mira joining together to tie crimes together that Eve may think are connected.

I have to say though that the ending does not quite stick. It feels like a letdown after everything you read to get to the end. And the asides about Bella's first birthday party were just not necessary. And I realized that after Born in Death (In Death #23) that means that there have been 18 books between that point and now and that means there must have been a murder every other week at this point that Dallas and Peabody were investigating. I really wish Robb would consider lengthening the timeline in the series. Things can jump ahead a month or two. Or we can actually have them taking place around other dates besides Valentine's Day, Christmas, or New Year's Eve.

Roarke felt largely absent in this one. At this point, there is really no need for Roarke to be "assisting" Eve on her cases. She has Feeney, McNabb, and others. I have yet to see something that says yes only Roarke could have found that. And I still want to know how no one has brought a civil lawsuit against the guy, I don't care if he's an expert civilian consultant or not.

There is the usual marriage angst between Roarke and Eve that really did not need to be included since it got done away with so quickly. Frankly if I was Eve I would have mumbled Magdalena and went about my business.