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Daredevil, Vol. 2

Daredevil, Vol. 2 - Alex Maleev, Brian Michael Bendis So this was an interesting past look into Daredevil. Of course none of this really gibes with what I know from the television series besides names though.

This volume takes a look at what happens when Daredevil's real life identity is revealed and he has bad guys and even the good guys looking to take him down. We also get looks at Natasha (Black Widow) and Spider-Man which I thought was pretty cool. Sometimes I forget that most of the comic characters know each other. Right now the tv series and movies do not really interact with each other.

So Matt and Foggy in this one seem to be really well to do lawyers. There is talks of how expensive Matt's suits are and I was all, wait a minute, you look like you live in squalor on the tv show (bad Obsidian). After winning a court case, Matt is almost killed and it looks like someone has a hit out on him.

What made me laugh (and there was very little to laugh about in this one) is that Matt is blamed for his identity as being Daredevil to be out there cause he's pretty much told everyone. I even laughed at Kingpin knowing about it as well as Kingpin's wife Vanessa. I always do want to shake people for telling their love interest their secret identities, I mean stop it people, it never goes well.

Foggy and Matt are at an impasse of sorts because you can see that Foggy does blame Matt for Karen's death and for all of the people hurt because he brings violence around them (whatever Foggy, I wish Natasha had slapped you).

What was most interesting though is that you can see how the Kingpin starts to lose his authority and how someone else came in and managed to create enough issues that he is attacked as a result. I also thought Vanessa was stone cold as hell in this volume. I mean I was even scared of her. There is a reveal about something that had me hanging my mouth open.

I did think the volume would have worked better just told in a linear way instead of the present day and three weeks ago, or month ago back and forth. It was hard keeping things straight. I also had a hard time reading some panels because they were so dark though and had me squinting trying to figure out what was going on.

This volume leaves Matt at a crossroads. He can continue on as Daredevil, but he may be looking at not being allowed any privacy or being able to practice law in the future. I thought Natasha was doing a good job of kicking his butt verbally with her comments to him. Having a surprise stop by, by another of Matt's ex's didn't really work.