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Behind Closed Doors - B.A. Paris Please note that I gave this book half a star. I should have given it zero stars.

All I really have to say about this whole book is that it defies good common sense. I just really could not with the main character, Grace. The story starts off with present and we have a newlywed Grace throwing a dinner party with her husband Jack. Everyone admires the both of them and for how beautiful and perfect Grace is at all times. But of course as a reader you start to realize something is wrong due to how tense Grace is and how worried she is that she may mess up the dinner. And then the author takes the reader back to the past to when she first meets Jack and then back to the present, then to the past, etc.

I should have liked Grace. But I really didn't. Anyone that dates a man for three months and says sure let's get engaged when you know nothing about them does not seem to make a lot of good life choices to me. I also didn't like how the author tried to work in the plot with Grace's sister Mellie either. Having the whole story hinge on Mellie turning 18 and having to go live with Grace and somehow the parents would just never contact them again? Come on. It was far fetched and not realistic at all.

Also Grace was judgmental as hell. Reading on how she forced her parents to carry her sister to term when they didn't want her and using you are going to go to hell if you have an abortion and then trying to kill herself when they looked like they would do it was so many mixed messages I couldn't keep up with it. And then Grace not able to find a long term boyfriend because no one wanted to be responsible for taking care of her sister Mellie (who has Down's syndrome) and her rushing ahead with a relationship with Jack though she knows nothing about him just showed me a woman who wanted a marriage and kids no matter what her Spidey sense was telling her.

All of the characters in this book were written so poorly though. The husband Jack apparently went to things a villain would say school. It doesn't even make sense all of the psychological warfare he does to Grace. The explanation behind it made even less sense too.

The "friends" of Jack and Grace apparently can't read a room. Seriously if every time I saw my friend her husband was always with her I would wonder about that. And then with Jack taunting Grace in front of them (only she realizes he is doing it) made even less sense to me. Why do stuff that is going to make Grace crack?

The writing in the book was not that engaging either. It didn't help that the book kept coming from the past to the present. Events were not linked very well. And I think we are supposed to be shocked by the ending, but everything was telegraphed very well. And I have to say, that I didn't buy the ending anyway. There were other options available that I had a hard time with.

The flow was awful and the whole book was just one more incident after another. Guess what, if your new husband disappears the first night of your honeymoon, tells you to stop being so dramatic via text, and then the next day says either you choose me or your sister you need to get out of the car and be done. In fact this whole book could be called "Grace makes bad decisions throughout this book".

The ending was pretty much a joke to me. There were so many logic fallacies that I just sighed and moved on.