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Grimspace  - Ann Aguirre Please note that I gave this book 4.5 stars that I rounded up to 5 stars on Goodreads.

So I really did like this book! I just had a problem with some of the world building and the constant messes that Sirantha kept getting herself into. I think after her last kidnapping I just sighed. That said, I loved how this book flowed from beginning to end. I am probably going to definitely check out the second book in this series.

We start off with Sirantha Jax in hold. She's enduring a psych evaluation after the last ship she was a jumper on crashed on impact killing everyone but her on board. I really can't explain the jumper thing to other reviewers. I was super confused by it and the book doesn't do a great job explaining it to my satisfaction. I finally just said it was like how the Matrix with how they logged on and left it at that. Sirantha is given the opportunity to escape, and she takes it, even though what she escapes into makes her wish she could back and take the blue pill rather than the red pill (yes another Matrix reference, leave me alone).

I loved the character of Sirantha. She feels guilt over what happened and lost without her pilot Kai with her. We find out that most pilots/jumpers have a relationship with one another, and Sirantha and Kai were no different. Sirantha can't remember what happened to cause the ship to crash, but knows that it's her fault that Kai is gone.

Sirantha escapes with a man named March and his crew consisting of a doctor (Doc) mechanic (Dina) and a human like slave (Loras). I likened March to a slightly buffer Han Solo. The crew except for the Doc treats Sirantha terribly, and things then go from bad to worse when Sirantha realizes she's to be a key product that is needed by two separate clans, and oh yeah there's a bounty on her head, and the Corp coming after her butt too.

I loved how Sirantha and March's relationship evolved. It made sense and really worked. I also loved how Sirantha doesn't just forget Kai. She mourns him and hates any part of herself that is seemingly moving on.

Dina was my next favorite character and man oh man I wanted more information on her whole backstory. With just a few lines i was intrigued in her all over again. I would not mind a side story with her.

We have a lot of other secondary characters I won't get into here (we would be here all day) and I thought that the book as a whole worked though the constant fleeing from planet to planet got a bit old. I think that the book could have cut some things out, or better yet, ended it a lot sooner than it did. After a while I was waiting for man eating locusts to descend on the crew.

The writing was great, there's some language about Mary that I finally realized was referring to Mary, mother of Jesus. I don't know how she is now revered in this culture, but I wanted that explained. Heck I needed a lot more things explained to me. I hate information dumps, but I never did get a good grip on the grimspace that Sirantha refers to and tries to describe. I don't get the whole J-gene thing, etc. I wish that the crew and Sirantha could have stayed on one planet and had that explained to the reader fully before they kept taking off to other places that had to be explained as well.

The flow was good. I was really engaged after the first few pages. That said, as I already explained, I wish the world building had been better. That's what stopped my reading right in its tracks each time something new was introduced.

The ending left things on a high mark and I imagine that Sirantha and friends are going to be off on new adventures soon.