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The Bone Collector

The Bone Collector  - Jeffery Deaver So I watched "The Bone Collector" movie when I was a teenager and loved the character played by Denzel Washington. I decided to finally read the book because some people told me they really enjoyed it. I did enjoy this book a lot, the end reveal was pretty awesome, and I loved all of the characters we got to meet. That said, I didn't favorite this book because there was a lot of CSI-speak happening that went over my head a lot. And the flow between Rhyme, Amelia, and the Bone Collector was awkward. Deaver really shines when he focuses on Rhyme and Amelia. Including the Bone Collector thoughts and when we finally find out who he is didn't really work based on how the book set it up.

The book starts off with a two-some being kidnapped and realizing that something wicked there way is coming. Then we are introduced to the character of Amelia who comes across the crime scene of the first victim of The Bone Collector. After getting chewed out for the actions she chooses to take, we then switch over to Lincoln Rhyme, the former head of the NYPD Forensics department, who is now retired after being injured on the job.

I thought Deaver did a great job of walking the thin line between showing how smart Rhyme was and also not totally alienating him from readers even when his asshole side came out. Cause there were a few times I was with Amelia that he was being a jerk and asking too much of her. But it was still pretty cool to see how Rhyme a beautiful mind crime scenes.

I do wish that we got more of Amelia and not Rhyme's constant thoughts about how beautiful she was. We kind of get a regurgitated romantic history of Amelia and it sounds sad and painful. I wish that it was slowly revealed to readers.

The Bone Collector read as unhinged throughout the whole book, and you get to the end and you find out why he did what he did and you pretty much have to go back and re-visit his passages. What we find out about him almost doesn't line up with the ending. I am just going to hand wave it away as the guy was insane though otherwise I will keep picking at this.

Secondary characters are written very well and you get a lot of information thrown at you about the "Hardy boys" and other characters who I hope we get to see again.

The writing was great, though like I said, a lot of times things slid way too much into CSI speak for me. I was able to puzzle out a few things for myself, but there was a lot of inside baseball type talk that I doubt anyone would really get unless they were a police officer and or in forensics. I liked how distinct Lincoln and Amelia's voices were from each other. I am going to say that I totally did disconnect anytime The Bone Collector was speaking. It was too out there for me, and it was honestly interrupting the fast pace of the novel until we get to the end.

I would say that some of the book is quite graphic though, and I was a little put off of eating for a couple of hours. It's not gory in my mind, just written quite vividly so I could smell and see some of the things the characters were talking about.

The setting of New York has been used time and time again. I just thought that Deaver did a great job of making old New York come alive for readers. Who knew all of the ins and outs of places and what former farmlands, and other places stood before buildings and high rises were erected.

Since I knew this was the first book in a series, I wasn't too worried about Rhyme biting it though (issue when one reads a series decades after the first book is written) so the ending though a surprise, wasn't a total surprise except for who the Bone Collector was.

Can't wait to read book #2!