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Anne of the Island

Anne of the Island  - L.M. Montgomery When I first started reading the Anne of Green Gables series I was a pre-teen. I had never left my hometown at that point, and knew that Canada lay north. I imagined that Canada was just the Niagara Falls because that's all I ever saw about it on television. To read a story about an orphaned girl that comes to live with a brother and sister and slowly worms her way into the hearts of them and her neighbors living on Prince Edward Island in the 1900s.

I chose to read book #3 of the series because honestly this is my favorite. We get to see Anne, Gilbert Blythe, Charlie Sloane and Priscilla Grant (all old friends of Anne's) going to Redmond College in Nova Scotia.

Anne is definitely more mature in this book, and a lot of subjects that are looked at definitely are more somber than previous books. I loved Anne a lot in this book because even though she didn't want to admit how everyone and everything is changing, she realizes that she can't keep herself and others frozen based on how they behaved as children. Anne has a falling out with Charlie Sloane (has a chilly reconciliation) and starts to see that she feels something for Gilbert Blythe, but doesn't think it's love. When Anne meets someone else who is her romantic ideal, she initially is happy, but starts to wonder if this is what she's looking for.

We have the introduction of a new characters in this one, Phillipa Gordon, who I found to be funny. We also get to revisit with old characters such as Anne's kindred spirit, Diana Barry, Marilla, Mrs. Lynde, and Dora and Davy Keith who Marilla took in during book #2 (Anne of Avonlea).

The writing is not really complex in these books and honestly I like that. Once you read the first Anne of Green Gables books you will get a better idea about the people and past escapades of Anne.

The flow for this one was not that great though. I think it's because you have a huge passage of time in just a short amount of pages. A lot of events felt rushed and summed up in just a few short paragraphs.

The setting of Redmond College does come alive in this book. One great thing that L.M. Montgomery always did in these books was set a perfect scene of where places are and how they looked.

The ending was one of my favorites in this series. We have Anne having her eyes truly opened about what she wants and who she wants to share her future with. I always thought it was a wonderful the way things wrapped up.

I always enjoy spending time with Anne and am probably going to go back and read the other books in this series later this year.