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Left To Die

Left To Die - Lisa Jackson Please note that I gave this book 3.5 stars but rounded it up to 4 stars on Goodreads.

So here's the thing. When one is on a boat for 9 days and realize that the Kindle/Nook gods have forsaken you and you realize that your boat has a library (oh yeah baby) you grab a book that looks interesting. I finished and started this book all on the same day and really enjoyed it, though I had some problems with having a third lead (really not necessary and also confusing) the pacing, and also with the cliffhanger ending. I promptly bought book #2 after reading this because I was on pins and needles to see how things got resolved.

"Left to Die" follows to partners, Detectives Selena Alvarez and Regan Pescoli as they are on the hunt for a serial killer in Grizzly Falls, Montana.

I have to say out of the partnership, I really liked Selena a lot more than Regan. Selena is single and very much focused on her job. She is more inquisitive than her partner Regan and I like that we don't for once have a woman who is good at her job that is broken.

Regan on the other hand I was pretty well sick of by the end of the book. She is obsessed with some unknown named man she is sleeping with (and the book and others pretty much come out and call her a "slut" for sleeping with multiple men) and has two of the worst children that I have come across in a book for some time. Seriously girl, I would have liked you more if you had slapped your kids just once. Regan has been widowed once and divorced once and is struggling to raise her kids while dealing with an ex that does not give one shit about paying for the kids, but likes to pick at what a bad mom she is.

taylor rules caught villain stealing

One reason why I only gave this book 3.5 stars is that though the series promises to be focused on our two detectives, we bring in a third primary lead with Jillian Rivers. Jillian keeps getting mysterious phone calls that seem to be about her presumed dead first husband. Traveling through Montana her car gets into an accident and a man named Zane McGregor rescues her. I am not going to lie. I thought Jillian's whole storyline could have been cut from the book and I would not have missed it. I thought it was a joke that we have Jillian talking about how many self defense classes and styles of martial arts she was trained in and we get to the end of the book and she pretty much got her butt handed to her by someone.

There are some secondary characters we get to follow in this book and one of the main secondary characters is the actual serial killer. Can I say something? I always think it's weird when we have these stories and the killers leave clues behind? I mean why? You want to get caught? I don't get it myself. So this serial killer is leaving a lot of clues behind and Regan and Selena are not getting them.

I thought there was honestly too many plots going on in the book. I liked Regan and Selena's plots more and it took forever for Jillian to even get involved with the main story in my mind.

The writing was okay. I did think the flow was hampered by switching perspective so much.

Montana was well used as a setting since Jackson does impress upon you remote areas, the coldness of the winter, and the clothes people wear to compensate for how cold they are at all times. I was sitting outside soaking up sunshine for as long as possible while reading this book.

The ending really annoyed me and also had me running to get the next book. It ends on a cliffhanger and I kid you not I said out loud, "Not cool." and went and downloaded the next one in this series to read what happens next.