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Sweet Salt Air: A Novel

Sweet Salt Air: A Novel - Barbara Delinsky I haven't read Barbara Delinsky in a few years but the premise and cover of "Sweet Salt Air" intrigued me since it seemed like the perfect beach book for the summer.

Two women, long-time friends reconnect after not seeing each other in a decade. Charlotte, is a travel writer and Nicole, is a stay at home wife and recent internet blogger. Due to Nicole's successful blogging about organic food and the island of Quinnipeague where she details in her blog; she is offered a publishing deal to turn her blog into a book. Nicole asks for Charlotte's help with writing the book and she reluctantly returns to Quinnipeague for the summer to help out Nicole. In the first few pages we found out why Charlotte has made herself scarce from Nicole's life and that ultimately both women are hiding secrets from one another.

I really think that Delinsky writes both women very well. I felt for Charlotte at points in the novel and at other times became frustrated with her as well as Nicole. I think that Delinsky manages to make you understand where both women are coming from at certain times in the novel and you don't walk away feeling as if one is the villain and one the heroine.

I also loved the characters of Leo and Julian though I really did prefer Leo more. Delinsky manages to provide enough details to make the reader and Charlotte intrigued with him and I was totally surprised by the ending since for a while I thought Delinsky was heading in another way (a welcome surprise).

Also the way that Delinsky writes about Quinnipeague, the people, the beach, food, just the way she describes smells is just artful. I felt as if I was on Quinnipeague with the characters and am now craving seafood potpie.

The only reason that I lowered my review by half a star was that the only thing that really didn't work for me was the quickness of the resolution between the two main characters. There was another plot element that I really care for at all as well, but I don't want to go into details here since it will spoil it for other readers.

I would also suggest that next time, the author, if she wants to detail food in her novels so much, please, please, please, include the recipes at the end of the novel or end of every chapter. That seems to be the new thing these days and I do appreciate it when the recipes are organic to the book. I was fascinated by many of the herbs she mentioned and the food that was being prepared that I would love to make some of the dishes myself one day.

I received this novel for free via the Amazon Vine Program