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All You Could Ask For

All You Could Ask For - Mike Greenberg First off I have to say that I should apologize to Mr. Greenberg. I have seen his ESPN show (Mike and Mike in the Morning) and just thought this would not be a very good book. I have not read that many novels by men that can write female relationships very well.
I have to say I was glad to be wrong.

This novel is about three women who at first glance are not connected to each other at all. However, by the second part of the novel everyone and everything comes together quite beautifully and you wish that the novel never ends.

We have Brooke, who is still happily married to her college sweetheart; Samantha who while on her honeymoon finds out that her new husband is not at all who she thought he was; and Katherine, still single at 40, but with a high powered job and salary that most women and men would kill to have living in New York.

This novel is told in two parts. Part one is setting the stage and allowing readers to become familiar with Brooke, Samantha, and Katherine.

I do want to let any potential readers know that they need to read through part one and continue to part two since everything will make sense.

At first, when I started reading though I liked the novel okay I really could not understand how these women would be connected since they didn't refer to each other at all and figured that maybe they would find out they were all married or dating the same guy or something. I was pleased to be incorrect when I started reading part two.

Out of all of the women, Katherine was hands down my favorite. Her take no prisoner's approach and little asides about things cracked me up. I think Mr. Greenberg did a very good job in nailing down all of the women's personalities and foibles and I was quite happy that I honestly did not anticipate one thing that happened in the novel (which is a good thing) and was satisfied when I completed it.

The main reason why I gave this four and a half stars instead of five was that honestly I really didn't relate to Brooke's character at all throughout part two. I ended up feeling frustrated and ready to shake her by the conclusion of the novel. I honestly found her whole resolve to be quite selfish.

I would definitely recommend!

I received this novel for free via the Amazon Vine Program.