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Dead Witch Walking

Dead Witch Walking - Kim Harrison This is my buddy read that I am doing with Moonlight Reader.

You can read her update and review at the following links:

Updated here.

Review here.

Wow. I think that if I was not reading this as a buddy read with Moonlight I would just skip this series. There are so many other well written urban fantasy novels out there by authors such as Ilona Andrews, Patricia Briggs, and Jim Butcher that when you read a sub-par one it really sticks out like a sore thumb.

I think that due to this being the first book in the series I am sure that author Kim Harrison was trying to find her rhythm with this book. There was world building galore that needed to happen along with some introduction to some of the characters that I am sure the remaining series is going to follow.

My problem is that I disliked every character except for one and I adored the world building. The setting of the Hollows is a world in which man never reached the moon. Instead we have an alternate history where due to a genetic plague wiped out most of humanity outside of the United States. The humans that lived were surprised to find that they have been living right alongside witches, vampires, fairies, pixies, leprechauns, and a whole smattering of otherworldly species that they did not know existed. I loved the entire aspect of an alternate reality like this.

The main character in this book is Rachel Morgan, a runner for the I.S. (Inderland Security) working in Cincinnati, OH.

Yeah this is not the Cincinnati you grew up with.

Rachel decides to quit her job due to her boss continually giving her really crappy runner assignments. It doesn't make much sense why the boss is out for Rachel (in fact it is never followed up on at all) and wants her to quit. Unfortunately, when one quits a job at I.S. that means you are signing your own death warrant.

Rachel moves into a church with another former runner, vamp Ivy and takes along a pixie and his family, Jenks.

Rachel decides that if she somehow ties one of Cincinnati's top businessmen, Trent Kalamack, into selling illegal substances she may be able to deal for her life with the I.S.
I have to say that none of this plot makes any sense at all. I can see Rachel trying to stay alive by any means. But she keeps going after Trent who literally was okay with trying to have her killed. There is bravery and flat out stupidity and Rachel keeps acting with flat out stupidity the whole book.

Actually Rachel's character reminded me of Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum books. The reason why I had to quit reading Janet Evanovich besides the world's stupidest love triangle that wouldn't die was that Stephanie was a TSTL heroine and I was tired of her lucking her way out of situations all of the time. There was no growth, no sense that she was actually good at her job. It didn't help that much of the books always involved Stephanie having dinner with her crazy family, her grandmother doing something outrageous, and her having multiple vehicles destroyed. I would just hope that Ms. Harrison does have Rachel grow. Because right now she is getting the TSTL title.

The character of Ivy was appalling. I mentioned some of this in my updates, but there was a scene between Ivy and Rachel where Ivy pretty much blames Rachel for Ivy having attacked her because Rachel was putting out signals. Yeah that happened. I was disgusted and appalled and it kept being brought up as a plot point throughout the book. That Rachel needs to change her entire sense of self since even though Ivy knows that Rachel doesn't want Ivy in anyway shape or form, Ivy is still getting "signals" from Rachel.

I really wanted Rachel to move the hell out, but the assassins tie her hands. It doesn't help that Ivy keeps getting offended by Rachel being cautious around her and worried that one wrong move Ivy is going to be on her again. I just hate this entire aspect of this book.

The only character that I really cared for in this book was Jenks. His family was awesome. I am now more interested about the ongoing fictional war between pixies and fairies than I have any right to be. Frankly if there was a spin-off book about Jenks I would be there in a minute.

We get some introduction into another character named Nick Sparagmos that I think is being set up as a potential love interest for Rachel. I think it's a bad idea just for the simple fact these two end up hiding a secret that I think is going to end up biting them in the butt.

Also we get some insight into Trent and I found myself intrigued about this character too. Weirdly I feel like he also may be set up as a potential love interest.

Do I smell a love triangle?

Or rectangle if you include Ivy?

Moonlight and I plan on reading book two, The Good, the Bad, and the Undead (The Hollows: Book Two) in about two weeks.