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Just For Now

Just For Now - Rosalind  James The third book in the "Escape to New Zealand" series is about Jenna McKnight and Finn Douglas. Jenna is reeling from her divorce and moves to New Zealand in order to start over. She ends up becoming a nanny to Finn's two children. As previous readers know all of the male leads in these books play for the All Blacks, New Zealand's premier rugby team. Finn also plays on the team and we get welcome interactions from previous characters from "Just This Once" and "Just Good Friends".

For me this book was just more of the same. When I say that though I mean that in an entirely good way. We still have characters we can relate to and a slow steamy build-up to the romance between Jenna and Finn. The love scenes like in previous books is more explicit than most mainstream romances these days. However, I really like that and didn't have a problem with it.

Ms. James continues to keep the story-line moving and I was happy to see that there was a realistic build-up to the romance between Jenna and Finn. I hate romances that have the two leads falling in love at first glance. Or the two people are completely ill-suited to one another but have a chemistry they cannot deny (you can't see me but I am rolling my eyes right now). There was also some tension in the story due to Jenna's position and past concerning her husband. I was glad to see that not everything was just smooth sailing and red hot sex.

Please note that I downloaded this book through Amazon's Kindle Unlimited.