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The Place I Belong

The Place I Belong - Nancy Herkness I previously read and really loved the prior two novels in this series. They were Take Me Home (A Whisper Horse Novel) and Country Roads (A Whisper Horse Novel).

The third novel in the series, The Place I Belong (A Whisper Horse Novel) is about Hannah Linden and Adam Bosch.

Hannah is a veterinarian that has come to Sanctuary, West Virginia, looking to hide out from her professional fall from grace and the loss of her fiancee.

Adam Bosch, is a world renowned chef, and recovering alcoholic, making due with living with a teenage son he never knew he had.

Hannah becomes entangled in the Bosch's lives when Adam's dog Trace is injured due to a thoughtless action by Adam's son Matt. Learning more about Adam and Matt has Hannah becoming involved in their lives and finding herself increasingly drawn to Adam.

I gave this novel five stars because this novel was a very nice addition to the "A Whisper Horse" series. The characters of Hannah and Adam were very well done. The heat between the two characters was believable and the love scenes were great.

I also thought the novel did carry enough tension to make it interesting. We had the character of Hannah finally standing up for herself as well as Adam's character being brutally honest about why he is an alcoholic and will always have to struggle everyday with the decision not to drink.

Also the description of the food and drink in the novel were just mouth-watering. At one point I had to stop reading and go and order some take-out since this book literally made me hungry for food.

We also get glimpses at previous couples from the other two novel, Claire and Tim, and Julia and Paul.