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Dreamless - Josephine Angelini Dreamless (Awakening), is the second novel in the Starcrossed series. I will say that I really did love the first novel in this series, Starcrossed and though I liked/loved this novel I still have to say that book #1 was my favorite.

Dreamless (Awakening) now has Helen Hamilton coming to terms with the fact that she is a Scion (a descendant of a Greek god and mortal) who has the power to descend into Tartarus as well as a few other powers that the people descended from her House can lay claim to. Helen also is dealing with her love for Lucas Delos and another Scion named Orion who she can be with in a way that she cannot be with Lucas. Helen, Orion, and the other characters that make up the Delos clan with Helen's mortal friends Matt and Claire do their best to help Helen on her quest to destroy the Furies.

Once again I have to say that Ms. Angelini has her Greek mythology down pat throughout this novel. We find out more about Helen and Helen's mother Daphne in this novel. The only reason that I gave this novel three and a half stars is the dreaded love triangle set up in this novel and the dumbing down of characters.

Seriously I loathe love triangles in novels for a variety of reasons but in this novel it was 100 percent not necessary. First of all there was already a lot of moving parts going on in this novel and I didn't really need to have one more thing thrown at me as a reader. Reading about Helen and how much pain she was pointing herself into every night trying descending into Tartarus in order to fight the Furies was really all I needed to read about. I have no idea why every Young Adult novel I read always has a love triangle (looking at you Hunger Games and Twilight) going on.

The other plot point that I thought was seriously goofy is that in this novel Helen and Lucas are led to believe something that if anyone with basic math should have known was a lie. I thought it was beyond dumb myself and then the Ms. Angelini clues in the readers to the lie as well which I also didn't think was a good idea. If anything all it did was increase my frustration. First, I can do math so I already knew that this plot point was a lie. Second, it caused me to get really annoyed with everyone in this novel who can somehow decipher ancient Greek texts and have the power to fly and swim under water without breathing but adding 1+1 together was too hard.

I still really liked this novel and was glad to see the appearance of some other Greek gods and goddesses in this novel. I would recommend to fans of Starcrossed in order to find out what happens to Helen.