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Just This Once

Just This Once - Rosalind  James So this series was recommended to me by a friend who told me that she felt this was a good call-back to the romance novels we used to sneak out from under our mom's beds when we were kids. You all know what I am talking about. The books with the hero and heroine gazing into each other eyes looking overcome just be touching each other. Not really understanding why your mom/aunt/sister had flagged certain pages until you read them and then you understood.

The first book in Rosalind James Escape to New Zealand series, "Just This Once" is the first book in the series and I thought was a really steamy romance novel that evoked the older romance genre books that many still love.

Our heroine, Hannah Montgomery, goes to New Zealand for three weeks to figure out what she wants to do next. While there, she meets a professional rugby player, Drew Callahan. Hannah and Drew just fit together to me and their love scenes (when they happened) made me blush...a lot. I thought it was very realistic and quite open about two people who were deeply attracted to one another and their relationship trajectory made a lot of sense to me. Nothing was magically fixed, everything took work. What really made me love this book was that it took place in a country and city I have never been to and would have not thought a romance taking place there would work, but it did. I thought Ms. James did an excellent job describing the history of the New Zealand, the intricacies of rugby, and the Maori culture.

All in all a wonderful romance read! Cannot wait to read book two in this series!

Please note that I received this novel for free via the Amazon Kindle Lending Library.