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Labor Day

Labor Day - Joyce Maynard I previously read Joyce Maynard's "The Good Daughters" and liked that book so bought this one as well.

Taking place in the summer of 1987 on the Labor Day weekend, 13 year old Henry comes across a man named Frank that will change his and his mother's lives. The novel flashes back between 1987 and the present day Henry still reeling from the repercussions of that weekend.

I honestly felt for Henry throughout this novel. He is a 13 year old boy who is left adrift due to his absent father and his present mother who is not fully there for Henry. I felt for him throughout the entire novel and definitely understood why he took certain actions. Not because he wanted to hurt anyone but just because he needed to be important and loved by someone.

I don't want to spoil too much in this review except to say that Henry's mother Adele I honestly could not get a rid on at all. I don't know if as a reader I was supposed to pity or demonize her for what she choose to do and how ineffective she was in Henry's life. At times I felt sympathy for the character but with her ignoring what was best for Henry in order for her own happiness was just a little hard to take.

Ms. Maynard writes very well and her descriptions of just smells and feelings were at times so vivid I felt as if I was right there along with Henry.

I was disappointed in the ending (not because of the writing) just because to me it was so unrealistic. That was the only reason why I gave this book four stars.