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Venom and Vanilla (The Venom Trilogy Book 1)

Venom and Vanilla (The Venom Trilogy Book 1) - Shannon Mayer I did not finish this and stopped at 24 percent.

I received this book for free for November's Kindle single or whatever it's called on Amazon. I just really wish I had passed on this book. The world building was non-existent and we were just thrown facts our way. And I am sorry, reading about how after a change was done to Alena and how sexy she was and how people were staring at her and or wanting to have sex with her was too much.

The book starts off with Alena in a hospital dying of something called Aegrus virus. Apparently this virus comes from humans/inhumans (Alena calls them super dupers) or who are immune to this virus. Alena is in a hospital being visited by her husband (who up until then was a really good guy) who pretty much later baby's her butt and leaves her alone to die. But then Alena's roommate tells her about a secret cure and though Alena says no to the cure, ends up taking it anyway when she realizes she doesn't really want to die.

We find out who is behind Alena getting this cure (yeah I called that whole thing) and then the book has Alena being chased because her kind is not supposed to interact with other super dupers (her words for the supernatural people). At that point I just stopped because this book was lowering my IQ the more I kept reading it.

I still don't understand how the United States managed to build a freaking wall tall and long enough to separate out human/supers. I still don't get how other countries apparently were dealing with this. Alena's family's backstory (religious types) did not really fit and I just gave up trying to make two plus two equal four. The plot was all over and the world building was a mess.

The development of characters was pretty terrible too. We hear bits and pieces about Alena's brother and that doesn't match up with the guy when we catch up with him later in the book. Same goes for Alena's husband. He sounds like a really good person who actually stands up to her mother and family due to Alena's strict religious background, but then he morphs into an asshole over night. It doesn't work. I think the author was fixated more on the end product (the completed book and making it into a trilogy) then actually making sure readers could follow what was happening.