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For Better or Worse (Wedding Belles Book 2)

For Better or Worse (Wedding Belles Book 2) - Lauren Layne This book. Seriously. This was probably the wrong romance read for me with everything going on in the US election right now where you have the hero grabbing and kissing the heroine without permission mere minutes after they met and being all hey do you want to bone? He doesn't communicate his past or anything that he really wants with the heroine besides let's have sex. He gets angry if she asks any questions about a thing. Oh and he is just generally a jerk and refers to her either as assistant wedding planner or the name of her apartment. I am assuming the author meant that to be hot/cute but it wasn't. It just shows how little he really does think of the woman he supposedly fell in love with. And the ending....oh boy. That was not a happily ever after. That was a, so you are both dumb and I guess good for you? Okay, good for you. Golf clap.

Heather Fowler is an assistant wedding planner. So when she finally gets her big shot to plan a high profile wedding she is all over it. She means this wedding to be the one that has her promoted to wedding planner full stop by her boss Alexis. However, due to being woken in the middle of the night by her jerk of a neighbor (Josh Tanner), Heather starts to have the boy next door on her mind, a lot.

Heather was weak willed to the point that I was just confused by this character a lot. She talks a good game about being independent, never in love, wanting to move to NYC, making her dream of becoming a wedding planner a reality, etc. However, I saw none of that besides some words said here and there.

Actually we barely see Heather planning this once in a million wedding. We just know that she's handling the whole thing because the bride is being hands off (which is weird) and oh yeah, the bride used to date Josh (of course she did) and Heather is choosing things she would, if it was her wedding. You would think there would be some conflict there, but nope. In fact, this whole book was pretty boring from beginning to end. There was some sort of snafu that should/could have ruined things for the Belles, but it got done away with due to the too ridiculous to be believed ending.

And Josh is terrible. Even with his backstory, he is terrible. He acts like a jerk throughout the book to Heather. I didn't see one redeeming thing about the guy besides hey he's good in bed. I can't even say he's an alpha type dude since I think in most alpha romance stories you still get some development (most of the time) between the two main leads. At the end of this story the only thing I got is that Heather and Josh like pancakes, and Josh likes banana bread. I don't have an idea besides that what they believe or think about kids, marriage, religion, favorite movies, etc.

Also the age of these two would imply some maturity, but they both do really dumb things to make the other jealous and I just sighed for this book to get over quickly.

The secondary characters in this book are not really there. We have some friends/family of Josh and Heather's mother and the Belles. At least in this one there were more scenes/interaction with all of the Belles and we can already tell how book #3 is going to go with the commentary around Logan and Alexis.

The writing was good (one of the reasons why I kept this as a 2 star review) and the flow was actually okay. I just think that if the author had changed up the hero a bit, and actually show two people getting to know each other, or just didn't go with the ending she did the book would have resonated more with me. And honestly, I would have liked it more if Heather had been the one to realize she didn't need this crap from Josh. It was so surreal to see her falling for a guy who barely tolerated her asking questions. I think readers are supposed to get that Josh is falling for Heather by his checking his cell phone messages (way later in the story) but that can be read so many different ways.

Anyway, onto book #3!