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Jessica Jones (2016-) #1

Jessica Jones (2016-) #1 - Michael Gaydos, David Mack, Brian Michael Bendis It cost way too much for what I was given. I love comics, but paying $3.99 for only a couple of pages of dialogue and no backstory was beyond annoying for me. I think that Bendis assumes everyone knows the backstory to Jessica Jones. But he decides to just dump readers into a story that has many people against Jessica and trying to find out where she has her daughter (with Luke Cage).

All I know is that something terrible has happened (we open with Jessica being released from jail) and she gets a visit by Misti Knight who attempts to beat her up in order to find out where Jessica's daughter is. And Jessica is rightfully hurt by this since it means "he" did this and she can't believe he would.

There are also a few other people that pop up in this story too and once again Bendis assumes you know who there are.

There is a side plot with Jessica doing an investigation (Alias investigation lives) with a woman whose husband says Peter Parker is a liar (color me intrigued).

The colors in the comic felt very muted. I wanted them to pop more, but they were pretty water colorish and made a few panels look a bit washed out.