Ms. Marvel Vol. 3: Crushed

Ms. Marvel Vol. 3: Crushed - G. Willow Wilson, Adrian Alphona Oh man. This one was really good and I may have screeched when I got to the end because I now want to read volume 4. This takes up after the adventures of volume 3. We start off with Loki being sent to Earth to investigate that the school where Kamala attends is actually safe from The Inventor. Loki was pretty hilarious in this, and hey somehow Loki became good again? Yeah I don't know, I just rolled with it. Loki comes across Bruno discussing asking Kamala to the Valentine's Day dance (dude, just don't) and is told by everyone with eyes, ears, and common sense, why this is a bad idea.

So the whole storyline really is about Bruno realizing that friendship is an actually awesome thing, and being friend zoned is a terrible term. Kamala falls in love with someone who she has a lot in common with and this guy is not all that he seems.

Kamala really grows up in this one I think. I did laugh though at all of the moments with her brother trying to be a third wheel to Kamala out and about with a guy though (seriously, welcome to my teenage years).

We get more insight into Kamala's family and also her religion as well. I really did love Kamala's brother for telling Bruno that a relationship between him and Kamala is impossible. But I also loved Bruno's come-back to why his family is not that much different than Kamala's.