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Lowcountry Book Club

Lowcountry Book Club - Susan M. Boyer Please note that this review spoils the events that take place in books #1-4.

"Lowcountry Book Club" takes place several months after Liz marries her long term boyfriend and now husband Nate. As we saw at the end of "Lowcountry Bordello", Nate now that he is married to Liz, can also see her ghostly best friend, Colleen. Liz and Nate are called in by a pretty high ranking law firm to see who killed Shelby Poinsett. They have two weeks to figure it out before Shelby's husband Clint is formally charged by a grand jury and then arrested and put on trial.

This book felt a lot like it was just going through the motions. I was very interested in the whole book club aspect, especially since this was not like any book club I have ever heard of before. It would have been fun to read some of these fictional ladies comments about books. However, besides focusing on a few key members of the book club, the book actually chooses to spend a lot of time on Liz figuring out what may happen to her island home due to a prophetic dream she has.

I love the character of Liz. And her marriage to Nate is great to see in action. But I did feel a little bored by it. Unlike with the last book, we don't have Nate and Liz doing much side by side investigation. Instead we have them running down leads and talking about them later when they come home for dinner. There was just too much action happening off screen.

Also we don't get much interaction with Liz's family which I always love and wish that we got more of their crazy antics in this one.

And even Colleen wasn't a welcome addition this time through as much as she usually is, probably because she kept acting like a brat, and I was kind of over her. She doesn't really do much in this one besides eavesdrop, and Liz doesn't really need her for things like that.

The writing was good, though I thought the whole why behind the murder was not that great. I also said in one of my updates this book read like filler. And it really does. There are certain things going on with Liz's family that I am sure going to be followed up in subsequent books, and also there seems to be something concerning Liz's dream as well.

These books are always a fast read, so I didn't feel like I was re-reading things over and over again.

I thought the ending was a bit anti-climatic and kind of abrupt. A solid entry in the series, I just don't think this was one of the best ones I have read.