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Wolverine: Old Man Logan, Vol. 1: Berzerker

Wolverine: Old Man Logan, Vol. 1: Berzerker - Jeff Lemire, Mark Millar, Andrea Sorrentino, Steve McNiven I have so many questions as I finished Volume 1. First off, the art was fantastic. The turmoil of Logan was palpable through the pages. And this comic was gritty and graphic in a lot of places. I maybe got a stomach ache a few times based on what I was reading. All in all though, great job by Jeff Lemire!

This volume collects Old Man Logan (2016) issues #1-4.

There is a lot going on in this volume, but I was able to follow it very well. We find Logan in I believe the current version of the Marvel universe. We have lady Thor, another Hulk, Old Man Rogers, etc. I am not going to look at what universe that is though. I just don't have the energy to do the research. But somehow, someway, Logan wakes up in New York before the fall. And that fall ended up being the end of all of the Avengers, X-Men, etc. pretty much the good guys when the super villains got together and wiped them out.

Logan thinks that maybe he has been sent back in order to stop the fall from happening, which means he can start taking out people who he has an axe to grind against. First stop, a man who smacked his son (yes Logan has kids in this one) in a different time and place. And next, Banner. Yeah our Hulk apparently went full on evil after the fall and his scenes were gross. I maybe got queasy with him talking about him siring kids with his cousin She-Hulk and how she was the only one who could "handle" him. GAH!

I think that the volume combined shows how disoriented Logan is with the new time and place he is in and his need for revenge against those who he believes must be killed. This Logan does not seem to have a code anymore. It is straight up kill or be killed.

We have a look at a lot of familiar faces in this one. I am not going to get into them here though. I thought the writing was graphic as were the panels. I would suggest not eating while reading this. And the flow was top-notch between showing the past (future) and present (different timeline?) so at least I was not confused by that.

I definitely think that this volume kicks off with Logan feeling out of time and out of place and wondering what he is supposed to do if it's not to avenge those he loved and lost.