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Jessica Jones (2016-) #2

Jessica Jones (2016-) #2 - Brian Michael Bendis, Michael Gaydos, David W. Mack Please note that I gave this comic 3.5 stars and rounded it up to 4 here.

I think I may just wait after I finish the third comic for a full volume to be put together. There are still too many unanswered questions for me to be able to even figure out why there is a schism between Jessica Jones, the Avengers, and Luke Cage. This comic focuses more on Jessica and Luke though which I appreciated. We get some flashbacks to Jessica giving birth, and then going back to the present with Luke being angry that Jessica "has ruined everything." So honestly, this just felt like more of what we saw in issue #1 with everything related to why Jessica went to jail as a big old question mark.

Things that I liked:

I loved seeing Jessica and Luke happy in love while she was giving birth. We get to see the Jessica I think of who is more in line with the television series. She swears, she is loud, and she doesn't back down when she thinks she is in the right.

Jessica is trying to get her private investigation business back up and running. Her work quality is kind of crappy right now. Not that I blame her.

After reading Wires and Nerve after this, I am so happy that this comic actually had colors in it. Every character looked distinct from each other.

Things I didn't like:

Readers still have no idea what happened to cause such a rift between Jessica and most of the world.
Luke treats Jessica terribly, but then again she has their daughter in hiding, so maybe this is one of those, I am on no one's team.

We see Carol Danvers who doesn't even look Jessica's way, and based on how they are writing her in the Ms. Marvel comics now, I may have to pass on reading anymore about her.

Jessica's mother shows up with Jessica's kid and is in the dark about what is going on. Is everyone at this point?

The dialogue between Jessica and Luke was raw. And her inner dialogue being angry at herself put me back to the television series a lot. I do have to say though that I really wish some of the other Avengers would show up and at least try to talk to Jessica. Did they all just go Team Luke and ignore things. I can't see Cap doing that. He seems to like to make sure he has everyone's side before coming to decisions.

The flow was okay right up until the end. We (Jessica) gets another wrench thrown her way by some mysterious figure and I literally said out loud, oh come on. I want to know about the big rift thank you very much. I am really not in the mood for randoms to be showing up that Jessica has to deal with solo. Also where the heck is Patsy in all of this?

Here's hoping that issue #3 finally clears some stuff up.