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So all of my books are imported here! Yeah!

Though I notice that once again my reviews are not the same number from here to Goodreads. Boo!

I went through my planning to read shelf and realized that Booklikes adds them to my total books shelf, and for some reason had them as rated (at least one of them). I removed these two books from my currently reading shelf. Yeah! 

However, I then realized that for some reason the books were still on my shelves. I have no idea what shelve though since they were only on the planning to read shelf. I then had to go to the individual book page and remove them again from my shelve. Boo.


So just a heads up that putting things on the planning to read shelf or whatever tends to foul things up. I am just going to add things to my currently reading shelf and then posts reviews and that's it. Since I can't search for duplicates here or just search on books on my shelves with no reviews I am going to give up trying to keep my books here and on Goodreads synced. Boo!


This is another reason why I just gave up on doing book lists here when I realized not all books were connected to each other. For example, say you want to review To Kill a Mockingbird. Well if not all of the editions are combined, you may not realize that your book you added on the list is not what Booklikes grabs when you go to move it to your currently reading shelf. I realized a while ago, you have to go back to your book lists and from there add it to your currently reading shelf if you want that book to show as read on your reading list.

Once again thanks to Murder by Death for helping me out with some questions I had the other day regarding covers. Take a look at her blog page if you have any questions. She has helpful hints and tips.