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The Crossing - Michael Connelly

Well Bosch's daughter sucks in this one, we have him assisting his brother Mickey on one of his cases and Connelly giving us insight into two killers POV wrecked the flow. We do have Bosch with another love interest. Also at this point Bosch has to be near 70 though the book won't give us his age.


The only bright spots are Haller IMHO though. I like how he flat out says that he believes in providing a good defense and in his opinion that not all cops and prosecutors are the good guys. I also call BS on Bosch's reluctance to even work this case with Haller since Bosch has investigated how many cops gone bad at this point? One was even responsible for murdering one of his former partners. I can't imagine anyone would give two shits about a former LAPD detective working for a defense attorney.

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I will also say these books are getting short. They have a lot of filler (hello two killers we don't care about). I wish that Connelly had made most of the book a flip between Bosch and Haller. That would have worked.



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Though I will say that a really annoying thing that Connelly keeps doing is bringing up Matthew McConaughey in all of his latter works. And even says in this one (via a character) he doesn't know if there will be a sequel to the movie that was made about him (Haller).