Romance Bingo 2017 Drawing Taking Place at 2 PM EST

Thanks for everyone that participated! I loved reading your reviews. I have no idea if any more bingos or reading tasks contests will be created by Moonlight or I in the near future, but I can say that we really did enjoy doing this with you all.


Rane Aria (1-3)(7 & 8)
Sheri C (4)
Leah Bookish Obsession (5)
Melissa (6)

Whiskey in the Jar Romance (9-13)

Tea, Rain, Book (14-18)

Rachel's books (19)

Libromancer's Apprentice won last month's drawing so she is not eligible to play for this month. And everyone else was re-numbered with her falling out. 

Please let me know if I left your name off of the list!