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Echoes in Death: An Eve Dallas Novel (In Death, Book 44) - J.D. Robb

I rolled my eyes at the ending.


I'm also seriously annoyed at the ridiculous plot holes in this one. 


Random thoughts:


How did Robb forget that Louise and Charles would fit the victim profile?

We hear Eve angsting about security at the Mira's and it's never followed up on.

We are only introduced to one character who fits the profile so it's pretty easy to figure out who did it. Of course Eve later says the guy pinged her though there is no evidence of that from the writing. 

They never speak to one of the victims ex wife though it's on Eve's list to do.

We get a reveal about something that made absolutely no sense except for Robb to link it once more back to Eve's past.

Mira seriously gives Eve a rundown on the murderer in like five minutes and then goes into how is this affecting Eve.

The murderer who isn't stupid reveals all. That was the lamest confession ever. Do any of these people ever just listen to their lawyer?

The back story of the murderer made no sense since you have to imagine some of this would have made it back to someone in his family that would have clued into something.

Oh and don't get me started on a person who is well known not being remembered by the other potential victims we find out about later who had some sort of run in with him.


Final comments:

I am a bit tired of how every rape causes Eve to have a bad reaction or memory and turns everything into a retread of her past. Nothing about these crimes was similar and it annoyed me. I am sick of reading in every rape storyline how Mira and Roarke keep asking her how she is and wanting to be there for her to talk to about it. Sigh.


Calling this echoes in death because of the echoes to Eve's past was eye roll inducing to me.


I'm going to read some earlier In Death books to forget this nonsense.