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After Watching Logan This Weekend...Perfect Balm for All Those Feelings

All-New Wolverine (2015-) #1 - Tom    Taylor, Bengal, David López

If you haven't watched the movie Logan yet, look away!

The character we follow in this All New Wolverine issue is Laura. We get to see her as she steps up to be the new Wolverine, while still being mentored by our Logan (who is now gone). 


In this first issue, we see that Laura has doubts about who she is and what she is doing. She feels like a monster and just a killing machine. When she gets knocked out, she apparently gets some sense knocked back into her.


We get to see Laura in action and also I had to laugh at a couple of scenes between her and Angel. We know that Laura wants some affection from him, but is not down with the whole embracing/hug thing. It appears that Angel has some feelings for her and him freaking out when he thinks she is in danger was really well done. But apparently Angel doesn't get how good our girl is when her back is against the wall. 


We get to see some other Marvel characters in this one. It does appear though at the end that we have Laura having to track down someone who apparently has made clones of her who are without feeling. 


The art for this one is really well done! I am so happy that I could see the writing and the colors really popped. I love the Jessica Jones series, but the water color affect and the colors they choose make them seem drab compared to this issue. 





I did get this issue for free due to buying a ticket to Logan on Fandago. I am going to call crap though since they promised a free comic bundle and guess what Fandago? One issue is not a bundle! At least it had me go into my comiXology account and realize how many comics I have to finish (eep!)