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Roadside Crosses (Kathryn Dance Series #2) - Jeffery Deaver

Getting a huge kick out of this one. Also Deaver lets readers know before we begin that book is interactive. It actually will have web addresses that we can link to in our browser to bring up things that can help us solve what is going on! I think that is cool.


I adored "House of Leaves" so this made that book pop into my mind.


In book #2, it has been just a few short weeks since the events in book #1. We have Kathryn and her friend and also colleague Mike O'Neill planning on going forward with their testimony in order to have someone who they found to be a murderer in book #1 locked up. This is thrown to the wayside when a young woman is abducted and put into a trunk of a car. When the car is left on the beach during high tide it seems that there is a killer out there for the California Bureau of Investigation to hunt down.