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Roadside Crosses (Kathryn Dance Series #2) - Jeffery Deaver

This wasn't as great as book #1. Splitting the book into Dance investigating a case of  the internet gone mad with her mother's case was too much. And the reveal about her mother's case was lame and didn't make any sense.



I thought the initial case was interesting, but I felt the blog and comments that the books showcases were sadly realistic. I did like one character saying that sadly people pull information from blogs or not reputable news sites and run with it. 


I did think that Deaver got a bit stereotypical with regards to gamers though.  The reveal behind the first case IMHO didn't work and made zero sense either. 


And Dance catching feelings for every man who wafts her way is pretty old. I kind of hated the whole swipe at her friend and colleague Mike O'Neill's wife. Apparently working women are bad mother's? I dunno.