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Divine Evil - Nora Roberts

Finished this more than an hour ago. Went to the gym and that was preferable to this book. This wasn't very well done and the ending was a mess. I'm supposed to assume one lone finger manipulated events and will be back one day to kill everyone that wronged them? There was no follow up to this either so I have no idea why Roberts wrote it that way 


I found Clare and her self absorbtion about her father and her feelings to be aggravating after awhile. He wasn't perfect and even finding out the truth I don't think it sank into her head that her father was still not perfect. Her being angry her mother dared to remarry after 12 years was a dropped plot point. Due to the mom being on her honeymoon, Roberts missed a chance for them to reconcile and maybe have her mom tell Clare to get over herself. 


Couldn't stand Cam at all. Not a fan of any man grabbing or manhandling a woman and I don't​ care he did it because he was scared that Clare went missing. This was another character with extreme father and mother issues and once again nothing was resolved with him or his mother. 


And I thought the whole town (practically) running around as Satanists didn't make a lot of sense. I felt this was a bad Lifetime movie. I swear I watched one movie where the wife finds out her husband is supposed to be a vessel for the devil and that was more plausible to me than this book. This is definitely not Harvest Home.


The romance is lacking in this too and there were so many lost threads that I have up following them all.