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Where Susan Remembers the Face of Her Father

Stephen King's Dark Tower: The Gunslinger Born #6 (Marvel Comics) - Peter David, Richard Ianove, Jae Lee, Robin Furth

This was great. We have a confrontation between our Gunslingers with Roland finally realizing what a dumbass he was being. We also have our boys being delivered safely from harm due to Susan stepping up and kicking ass. She would have been a great ruler of Gilead. Her love of Roland has her doing whatever is necessary to keep him safe. Even killing people she saw as friends. 


Eldred Jonas sets a trap (murder of the mayor) in order for the town to turn on the Gunslingers and kill them. If I didn't find the mayor so repugnant I would have almost felt sorry for him.


"I hope you don't hate me. I understand if you did. I've come into your plans...And between the three of you, as well...but I couldn't help it. I love him."


I am happy in the end the Gunslingers are joined together again with no split due to Susan. And Alain and Bert even love her a little too. We have Susan and Sheemie foiling plans. And then Eldred going to Rhea of Coos who is being eaten from the inside out due to her obsession with the glowing pink globe. Rhea of course sees what has happened due to Susan and this leaves Susan and the baby she carries in danger.


The extras in this issue give you the backstory to Charyou Tree. I'm going to go ugh here since it was pretty graphic and I thought I could smell something burning. I also love we get more insight into Arthur Eld with these stories. Did King ever published a backstory to Gilead? He needs to. Then the next two extra gets into a Gunslinger's guns and the different levels (Apprentice, Novice, and Gunslinger). Then they go into the Guns of Deschain. We close with the Gunslinger's Litany.