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Charyou Tree

Stephen King's Dark Tower: The Gunslinger Born #7 (Marvel Comics) - Robin Furth, Peter David

I know it's stupid, but I was still hoping for a different ending. I remember crying reading Wizard and Glass years ago. Since this graphic novel follows Roland from this time then back to Gilead and how he comes to chase the Man in Black, it doesn't tell it the same way the book does. So we don't get to see Roland, Jake, Eddie, and Susannah along with Oy.


Due to Susan helping the boys get away they are able to slaughter all of the Coffin Hunters and Roland of the House of Eld puts an end to Jonas. Poor Jonas. Who only wanted to be a Gunslinger and who is then thrown out when he doesn't pass his test. 


"Apt last words, because the next moment, as Roland puts two bullets through his face...


Jonas will find himself standing before all the gods.


I'll wager it won't be a pleasant experience for Eldred Jonas."


Then Susan's aunt who is terrible is angered when Rhea comes to her and reveal what Susan did. From there we go back to the action of the Gunslingers and then the twin deciding that there will be a Charyou Tree and Susan will be the human sacrifice. 


The illustration of her being set aflame was sad and we see that Roland due to collecting the globe can see her death. And then Roland's friend stand by to give him comfort. 


The extra in this one goes into Charyou Tree and how it affected Arthur Eld. No spoilers but it was pretty cool. We get to see how the Deschain line of Eld came into being. And we also see how a woman's jealousy is maybe what brought the Crimson King to life.