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Something's Got to Give

So I'm back full time here and have continued posting at Goodreads. And I'm still posting at Moonlight Dragon's blog as well. I was doing Cannonball 9, but realized that there's not enough hours in the day. I was going to log on and post reviews from the last few days and I just stopped.


I love Booklikes and Goodreads cause of the social interaction. I also love it that Moonlight and my posts are bringing in views and comments. And though I initially liked Cannonball 9, there's barely little interaction there. The whole thing seems designed to have people race to post reviews and that's not my jam. When I get in a groove I can post reviews (see this weekend) but as you all know sometimes I get in slumps or just don't want to post reviews. Sometimes I'll read a ton of books and just don't want to go back and post reviews.  And I just can't have one more thing in my life that makes me feel like I have to do it. This place is fun and if that changes anytime soon I would be gone here too. But Booklikes continues to be a highlight of my day. 


With my job being insane right now and stress of a personal nature rearing in my face right now I just decided to drop some things. Posting reviews at Cannonball is one of them. Do check out the site though, you may find some reviews to your liking.


I am also stepping down from a local Board I am on. I just can't keep giving up at least 5 days a month to respond to emails and have to come home and do non work related activities. It's draining. I'm staying on the one but have decided to only answer what are deemed emergency emails. Some of the Board members have called me at 11 at night and I finally put my foot down about that. 


I also decided to stop one on one training. Since the election I've been dancing with depressive cycles and finally feel better. But training has turned into one more chore I have to do. I resent it from taking time away from other activities. And I am one of those people who sometimes would rather take a long walk to the lake instead of going to lift weights for 45 minutes. Once my gym moved to group training I was 100 percent done though so am now debating doing virtual coaching. The main reason why I like it is that my trainer will check in with me and give me exercises to complete solo. I would still come in every two months for progress reports though. I finally have gotten back this past week to exercising regularly. 


I have an upcoming trip to Ecuador in May I am looking forward to and probably a stateside trip to New Orleans if I can swing it as well. 


Happy reading!