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Conversations We All Have Had With Each Other

Conversations With the Fat Girl - Liza Palmer

I've been re-reading this book for years. It has become a comfort read, and mainly that's because I saw parts of me in Maggie from beginning to end. Who hasn't been unhappy with their appearance or their current place in life? And who hadn't had someone who was once a best friend that you can feel yourself growing away from to the point you wonder why in the world are you friends. 


"Conversations With the Fat Girl" showcases Maggie who's in her late twenties and who feels adrift from where she currently is in this time of her life. Maggie who has a master's degree and who at one time had hopes of restoring art feels as if everybody in her family has gone on to a different life and when her best friend Olivia becomes engaged she feels even more lost. But besides that Maggie, is nursing a crush on her co-worker Dominic wondering if he is who she needs.


Things I loved about Maggie is that she has a good heart, she's loyal, and that she loves her family​. I thought it was pretty cool to have a heroine who is actually trained in something like art restoration since I can't recall that as an occupation I have read before.


But what I thought was great about Maggie is that she knows that her friendship with Olivia is broken and that she still harbors hope that it can be fixed until the realization that it's not going to be fixed hits her. 


I don't want to reveal too much because that would end up spoiling the book for others but there's a reason why Maggie and Olivia became friends when they were younger and now there's a reason that they have grown apart. Due to the book being told in the first-person we get a lot of information about Maggie and her family and you're definitely in her head the whole time. Sometimes it might feel like it's a bit too much but I actually thought it worked for the story though I do say that there was a little bit of flow problems in the middle part but not enough for me to ding it. I can't wait to read the sequel to this book to find out what happened to Maggie and actually we're Olivia is now in her life.


Things that are frustrating about Maggie is you get to see before she sees that her weight really doesn't define her and she's been using it kind of as a crutch in order to not hope for what things that she should. She like everybody else in this world wants to be with somebody that loves her.


There's other characters in this book that I thought were really well done we have Maggie's friend at the coffee shop Peregrine, her sister, her mother, Dominic, and of course Olivia.  


The book takes place on California with other locations brought up. I will say that Vegas was described better in my eyes than DC was. 


The ending left things up in the air. You don't know what happens next, and I have been imagining scenarios for years. I am happy I am finally going to get to see what happened to everyone (fingers crossed).