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Interesting Book That I Had a Hard Time Believing

Everything, Everything - Nicola Yoon

First off, I did like the writing except for the twist and I loved the illustrations in the book which made it jump off the page more for me. But I ultimately found this book boring and there was not enough information for me to make me happy with certain characters and their development. When we do get to the twist aspect had a hard time with it and the ramifications of if after the fact. It just didn't feel believable to me at all.


So I bought and read this book because I know that the movie about this book is coming out I believe this year. It has some of my favorite actresses in it, so I was interested in reading the book first. 


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My enjoyment of YA books that are turned into movies later has been miss so far, and I think I would rate this one half a miss. It's not aggravating like "The Fault in Our Stars" and I don't hate the whole world after finishing it like "Divergent". 


"Everything Everything" is told from the first person POV of Madeline Whittier. Maddy is about to be 18 years old and unlike other girls her age she is dealing with a constant fear of death. She suffers from a rare disorder that has her allergic to everything in the outside world that most people would never even think of at all. Due to this, she has never left her home and instead has a stay at home nurse that monitors her along with her mother who is also a doctor. When a family moves into the house next door, Maddy starts to take an interest in the outside world again and finds herself falling in love with the boy (Olly) who made her want to leave her home. 


I did like Maddy but have to say that I had a hard time with her being as nosy as she was with Olly about his life and his family and not wanting to tell him for the longest time about her condition. When she eventually starts to let Olly in I just shook my head since you would think that tact is something that Maddy would have learned. Sometimes Yoon acts as if Maddy is some alien that has dropped onto our planet for the first time and other times she has her older than her years. Though Maddy has online tutors and even a teacher who comes to her to review her work, it's not like she has never spoken to other people before.


When Olly pushes his way into Maddy's world, I actually liked him though I once again had a hard time with the boy next door thing. I wish that Maddy had been able to interact with Olly and his family more instead of us just getting glimpses of what was going on via Maddy's comments. But I have to say that Yoon does write a realistic teen romance. Though I have to say that Olly being into parkour was a new one on me. 


Other characters are not very well developed in this book though. For example, Maddy's mother felt like a big fat goose egg to me. I got more out of Maddy and her interactions with Carla. Maddy's mother seemed to want to keep her to being the same child and didn't want her to change or have any interests at all. 


The writing was good though. I have to say the back and forth between Maddy and Olly was great and at times heartbreaking. I loved the illustrations in the book too. It really came alive for me and I thought they were cute and at times sad depending on what Maddy was talking about in that chapter.


The ending though I don't know. I am happy for it in a way, but in another way I wish that maybe Maddy had chosen a different path. I can't get into it without going into spoilers though. 


See below for spoilers regarding why honestly this book was a straight up 3 star read besides what I have gone to above. 


So here is why I had a hard time giving this book 5 stars. How the heck did Carla or even Maddy never question the fact that no doctor ever came by to see Maddy. She has a rare condition. You are telling me that no one would come to talk to her about studies or see how she's progressing? The whole book strained credibility for me due to things like that. I just didn't buy it. 


I also hated how Maddy's mom was just given an out for the whole thing by people talking about mental illness. I don't know what she is suffering from because Yoon never spells it out for you. And since you don't know what happened to Maddy's father and brother besides them being dead, I have a hard time with her breaking with reality like she did. They had to have been murdered or something right? Well you never find out so enjoy the book. 

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