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Sad look at women who trusted the wrong man

A Rose For Her Grave (Ann Rule's Crime Files Book 1) - Ann Rule

The centerpiece to this look at murder cases is Rule focusing on the case of Randy Roth. Rule calls him a modern day Bluebeard and the comparison is apt. 



Roth we find truly hates women and woos with the plan to marry them in order to collect their insurance.


The first case is set up in typical Rule fashion. She goes into Roth and his victims background. This book differs slightly due to the time between two victims and Roth's apparent plans for more in between. Roth focuses on the women in this case more than usual and I think it's because of Roth's hatred towards women. I did like how Rule got into how hard it was and still is for female police officers and prosecutors due to them being seen as "bitchy" or mean if they raise their voices. Due to the high stakes with Roth when he is brought to trial it was very insightful to get into everyone's heads for this one.


After the main case then Rule goes into five bonus cases. Not all ended satisfactory (bad guys brought to justice) or I just wished for more details.