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Unsatisfying Ending

Practice to Deceive - Ann Rule

I found this book endless. I was bored from beginning to end probably because Rule tries to fit way too many things into this book. I think it's cause the case she focuses on (the murder of Russell Douglas) does not have a satisfactory ending through as a reader you can put two and two together.


I thought the book zigzagged way too much. We start off with the dead man and Rule works backwards but also alludes to some things here and there about the dead man's wife. And then we jump to a way too in depth look at the investigation team. We then run and focus on a woman who seems to be one of the people behind the murder and her family history. I don't know if Rule wanted readers to feel sorry for this woman or it was something interesting​ to add or what. Rule even adds a mini family tree at the front of the book, but I still had a hard time keeping people separate.


I think this may be one of the shorter Rule books I have read, but I still wish some things have been cut.


Rule adds lots of colored photos in this book, and they were okay, but I wish she had left some of them out since it just felt like padding after a while.