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Tried and Just Gave Up at 25 Percent (DNF)

The Collapsing Empire - John Scalzi

I tried repeatedly to read and finish this book, but finally gave up at 25 percent (DNF). 


Look I like John Scalzi a lot. I loved "Redshirts" and "Lock In", but this book right here is all the worst bits of "The Android's Dream" and I refuse to read that book ever again.


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I think the biggest issue of why I couldn't get into this book is that I felt like I just got dropped right in the middle of an interesting story. But no one wants to take the time to explain to me why this story is so interesting and just wants me to shut up and get the big picture of whatever it is I am reading. Phooey to that noise. I just am not in the mood for a book set up this way like this.


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I finally asked another friend if they were feeling this book at all and she apparently moved on weeks ago and just gave her book to someone else. This may or may not have erupted into me calling her a betrayer or some such nonsense. Seriously though, I think if I had known she quit this book too, I would have DNFed it much sooner. I felt like a bad person for not liking this book. 


The flow was all over the place. I could not begin to tell you who is who in this book. I was too busy stumbling over names (Marce. Kiva, and Cardenia). Not that you can see this, but I seriously just spelled both of those characters names wrong like three times. Finally had to go back to the darn book to make sure. If it's still wrong, I don't even care.


I am not going to lie it's kind of an interesting idea (The Flow, an extra-dimensional field we can access at certain points in space-time that transport us to other worlds, around other stars that is now coming under fire when people realize that the Flow is moving people away from Earth as they know it). But maybe cause things are kind of terrible in the real world, I didn't get why everyone was up in arms about the whole thing.


Also Scalzi does my least favorite thing in his books when he tries to over explain the science behind things that made me go wait a minute, what and causes me to spend my time Googling things and not actually reading the book. 


Also because I am 2 years old every time I thought of "The Interdependency" I started thinking of that Matt Damon movie with Emily Blunt where they were running from the men in hats who were part of time travel and then I maybe got distracted and started watching that movie again. 


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Yeah. Once again, not going to feel sorry about it at all.