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Mad Love - Nick Spalding

I have been laughing so hard I had tears running down my face this morning. I just started this around 7 am while waiting on a train and within 40 minutes could not believe that I was already at 30 percent. The plot behind this book (two people get married after signing up on an internet dating site that proposes that their computer algorithm can match them perfectly).

The twosome in this book (Adam and Jessica) have never laid eyes on one another and find themselves awkwardly getting used to each other's little annoyances (Jessica slurps her espresso and Adam is obsessed with being on time).

But per usual, Spalding has laugh out loud moments. Adam assaults a man in a sheep's costume who is holding a plastic machine gun. Jessica is working at a strip club and comes across her professor. I was howling during that several "scenes". I am sure everyone on the train this morning loathes me right now.