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The Bone Witch - Rin Chupeco

So now I know why this book has been bugging me. This is Memoirs of the Geisha with magic. But there is barely any magic to be found in this book, so it's just Memoirs of a Geisha. This is not working very well at all from a story-telling and world building perspective. Every couple of pages we go back to Tea telling her life story to a bard. And then back to her first person POV about her learning about dancing, doing flower arranging, playing musical instruments, etc. There is so much time spent on Chupeco describing what everyone (the ashas) are wearing it's not even funny. Then the description of make-up. The main enemy of Tea right now is a woman who runs one of the "houses" and Tea is going to be debuted in two months and will have to work off her debt to the Mother of the house. Yeah...this sounds familiar.