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My Vacation to Greece

9. Post a picture or a story about a favorite vacation spot!



This is the picture that I took while in Hydra, Greece last year. I fell in love with the island. You can't drive a car there and so much people either get by on foot or donkey. I did not ride any donkeys because they looked like they smelled awful and surprise they did smell awful.


I loved how old some of the buildings and churches were.


I can honestly say that the boat culture in Greece is delightful. Everyone is so helpful when you are coming in to dock. People are super friendly and everywhere we went we met someone from another country that offered us drinks or food. We were the only Americans and so many Greek people were surprised we were sailing around for 10 days. One woman said to me, "Americans seem to only care about Athens and then they leave. They don't take time to explore the area and see what the rest of Greece is all about." She also asked me had I ever been to Chicago since that is where some of her family lived.

I who loathe feta cheese, fell in love with it over there due to our cook who made breakfast, lunch, and dinner for us everyday with fresh ingredients she found on some of the islands. 


I learned a couple of card games and got to read a ton of books. 


I honestly think our group could have stayed at Hydra for days and still not have been able to see everything the island had to offer.


One of my friends and I walked all over to the peak at dusk and got to watch the sunset. I remember how tired and happy I was that day with my friends and how deeply I slept later on our boat.

I am going to Ecuador in a few short weeks and am excited to be going with the same people I went traveling with on this trip from last year. I hope to have more pictures to show and even better stories to tell!. 



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