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Swan Song - Robert R. McCammon

It doesn't feel like I am making much progress with this book. I read chapters and chapters and I see it's moved like a percent. Then I took a look and realized this thing is 864 pages.


I feel bad for saying this, but this thing could be cut a bit. Or at least stop all of the jumping around to Sister, Swan and Josh, and then Roland and that whole crew of horribleness that is going on right now. I guess right now that my big issue is that the whole thing reads like and then this happened, and then this happened, and then this other thing happened. I am just having a hard time keeping things straight. 

Also this came out in 1987 which is a few years after King's "The Stand" and I am seeing some similar themes play out with regards to fate. Heck right now Roland is a stand in for Harold from "The Stand". Macklin seems way too similar to Trash Can Man to me.


I adored "Boy's Life" and that book really touched me in a way a book hasn't in years. And so far this is the third of his books I have read that I went, okay, I get it. I like this, but don't love it. I don't see me re-reading this for years to come. But, "Boy's Life" came later when I think you can see how much he has grown. And wow, this is turning into a mini-review and I am going to just end this now.