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Great Follow up to American Gods

Anansi Boys - Neil Gaiman

I really don't have much more to add than other reviews about this book. This was really good I found and I thought it was a nice follow-up to American Gods.

"Anansi Boys" follows the son of Mr. Nancy who most should remember from American Gods. Mr. Nancy's son, Fat Charlie, grew up with a father who liked to make jokes and who was the one who named him Fat Charlie. Eventually, Mr. Nancy leaves his young family, and Fat Charlie and his mother relocate to England. When Fat Charlie prepares to get married to his fiancee, Rosie, Rosie demands that he does what it takes to find his father and invite him to the wedding. Fat Charlie finds out that his father is dead from an old neighbor of his in Florida. That leads Fat Charlie to travel back to America and to find out about a brother he never knew he had. 


I honestly laughed through most of this book. Unlike with "American Gods" this was a more playful book. It reminded me a lot of "Good Omens" actually with an unseen narrator here and there spelling things out to you while you watch how everyone fumbles around almost meeting their end every five seconds. 


Poor Fat Charlie ends up in more and more trouble after he mistakenly invites a brother he didn't know he had into his life. And from there the plot at times gets a bit shaky, but I think Gaiman did a good job with it. We follow Fat Charlie, his brother, and two love interests (Rosie and Daisy) along with Rosie's mother (who is terrible) and the man that Fat Charlie works for. I honestly at first didn't think this would all work together, but it did.


I liked the writing and I loved reading the stories about Anansi and what tricks he got up to. Also it seems like even in the stories about Anansi that he was kind of an ass to his family. 


The ending was sweet and also hilarious. I don't want to give any spoilers. But I think Charlie (he eventually loses "Fat") definitely got the better end of the deal that was going on.