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The Hate U Give - Angie Thomas

Right now Starr and her friend have been stopped by a cop. And she goes into the cop speech that her parents gave her. Seriously though, I realized when I got older, that none of my white friends got the cop speech. That cop speech was and is a speech that many in the African American community have gotten though.

Case in point. Few weeks back the Capitol Police had handcuffed a woman and my friend (who is white) wanted to stop since she said they had no jurisdiction where we were and she didn't think they had the right to be arresting anyone. I was with her and our other friend who was white and male. These two good hearted fools (yeah I said it) were having a loud discussion about getting involved and I had to say, hi, go right ahead when a black person is not with you. They both got it in five seconds though. It actually caused a good discussion among the three of us, since they really don't get what kind of things go through my mind when I see a cop. My mind is not hey there's a cop, I am safe. My mind is keep my eyes down and get as small as possible, do not look like a threat. 


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