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Review Flood

I tried to keep up with updates and reviews, but I had so much going on this weekend it was impossible. 


Friday I came home, worked out for almost 2 hours and then went and saw Guardians of the Galaxy. It was fantastic. I laughed so hard. I didn't know how much I needed to laugh til that movie.


I started with my hard-copy of "American Gods" and I have to say, there is a reason why I re-read very much these days. After reading this book through once, there are no more surprises. So I found myself getting a bit bored with Shadow this time through. 


I ended up working out on Saturday at 11 am and feeling sick/congested all day. We were supposed to work out a nearby park. But due to the rain we had, our gym had everyone come back to our gym to work out there. I have to say it was fun though. There was one guy who kept giving me an interested stare, and I gave him back, look away buddy, I am not in the mood looks.


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We had a cold snap all weekend in Virginia and I was feeling cruddy all day. I had a Derby party to go to and it was outside. No fire pit, chimera, nothing. We were all sick and miserable. My friend and his fiancee put together a great crawfish boil, but I noticed a lot of people skipping on out after about two hours. 



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I stayed, but kept sneaking looks at my book (via my cell phone--Black Rose) and tried to make polite conversation, but I was really burned out. I was wearing a dress and my fingers and feet were like ice cubes. 


I came home and had to walk around with two members of my HOA since we are trying to get proxies for our annual meeting. Can I just say, that I usually love volunteering, but it feels like once again this is taking up way too much of my free time. It started raining and the wind got insane and after an hour I put a pin in it and told the other directors that we could do the rest of the homes on Sunday (we only got to 50 out of the 100 homes we needed).


I went in the house, took a hot shower, got some chamomile tea and read some books. I kept telling myself to update it here on BL and GR, but I was too tired and just ended up falling asleep around 2 am. 


Sunday I really wish I had cancelled on a friend that wanted to go hiking with me. She saw my pictures on Instagram/FB so wanted to come along. Well of course she was late. So there was me sitting around for half an hour waiting on her which left me to more book reading. We got done with our 5 mile hike though in like 2 hours. She also ate a bag of cheesy puffs and a sandwich as we were walking. I was nonplussed. Is that the word? Yeah, I was that.


We finished up around 1:45, I went and grabbed some food and came home and read some more. I also cleaned my house since I am expecting people over this Saturday for a BBQ. At 6:30 I went around again with two of the other directors to get proxies. Once again it was rainy and cold. 


I finished another book (I think I am done with 5. I have to go back and check) and am at work bored. We are in a holding pattern waiting on comments back from our bosses and I need something to do soon.